Know All about Bash for Loop

I have an envelope of csv records that need moving to a server I would incline toward not to do it physically, Bash can manage this task perfectly.

This substance will interface with a FTP server by then hover through the csv records or any kind demonstrated and move them. You can’t do a hover while inside heredoc square like most models do, rather the bearings are stayed in contact with a txt archive.

First course of action of components are the ftp affiliation for loop nuances and the sort of report to scan for, potentially required when scanning for specific sorts of records for this circumstance .csv records.

Every heading completions in » ftp.txt this stay in contact with the archive called ftp.txt if the record doesn’t exist it’s made.

When related do a collection (change library) do go to the foreordained list.

To hover through the records a ‘for filename in’ is used go in the sort variable the * is an extraordinary case to pick all organizing.

to execute the code set away inside the txt archive use ftp < ftp.txt use the – in flag to stop the brief for a mystery key.

In end eradicate the ftp.txt record.

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